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Sourcing of celebrities
The celebrities named or featured in Inside Chic have not endorsed, recommended or approved the brand or any of the items offered on the site

City Chic Social Media Policy 
The City Chic Facebook and social media pages have been created for our fans of City Chic.
We treat our Facebook page as an interactive, fun and rewarding place to connect with our fans and we will seek to conduct ourselves always in an approachable and positive manner. We, of course expect City Chic to be treated with the same courtesy. City Chic welcomes you and has a few guidelines that we ask our guests to adhere to on our social networks as a condition of their participation.

City Chic allows user-generated content on our Facebook page including video, photos, wall posts and comments, at its discretion from time to time.  However, City Chic is not responsible for the content submitted and does not endorse the opinions expressed by the users of this page.

By submitting content, you agree that City Chic may use this content including your name, either temporarily or permanently, for testimonial, marketing or other purposes in any media without any compensation to you.  You promise that all content you submit is your original work and that submitting it does not infringe the intellectual property or other rights of any person.

You agree not to submit any content which consists of or contains any of the following:
- Any material which breaches Facebook’s Terms of Use
- Explicit, obscene, indecent or offensive language or abusive or inflammatory Comments
- Personal attacks on City Chic employees, members or the brand itself
- Business information, spam, notices about contests or competitions run by others, advertising or offers to sell or buy any goods or services
- Any material which defames, abuses, harasses, stalks, threatens, discriminates
against or otherwise violates the legal rights of others (such as rights of intellectual property, privacy and publicity)
- Information that is, misleading or unlawful
- Any virus, Trojan or similar or anything else which is designed to incapacitate our page or breach our security
- Excessively large files or multiple or repeat posts of the same or similar material
- Posts that are unrelated to City Chic
- Links to other material or websites that we consider inappropriate or unsuitable
or whose content would breach these Terms of Use if contained on our page

City Chic reserves the right to edit or remove content that violates these Terms of Use and to block your access to our page. As this page operates at our discretion, we may also take any other action we consider appropriate in relation to this page.

We hope you enjoy being part of our community and look forward to your participation.

By posting and contributing to CityChic’s facebook and Twitter communities (including but not limited to, your image and your opinion), you are acknowledging and accepting unconditionally that we may use your content in other social media and promotional mediums. Please note: where ever possible we will notify you of our intent to include your contribution and that City Chic is respectful and operates within the confines of our privacy policy. Should you like to know more on our privacy policy and please see our Privacy policy