Makeup With Marisa // New Year, New Makeup Brushes

One question I commonly get asked is what makeup brushes or brush set I would recommend for those wanting to get their first makeup brushes. I have purchased A LOT of brushes over the years but buying them separately isn't always cost effective so getting a brush set is a great way to get your collection started.

A set which I can highly recommend is the Sigma Most-Wanted Brush Set. This best-selling set includes 5 of Sigma's top-selling brushes chosen by fellow beauty lovers, some of which were in the first Sigma brush set I bought 3 years ago and still use to this day!

In this post I will go through each brush in the set, what it's designed for and how I like to use it.

Controlled blending. Blend colours together onto the lid with added control.
How I like to use it:
This brush is perfect for fusing shadows together to create a beautifully blended look! I like using it to apply shadows or even using it clean and lightly going over shadows to blend and soften.

Soften and smoke out lines. Soften pencil liners along the top and bottom lash lines.
How I like to use it:
Pencil brushes are ideal for using on the lower lash line. After I apply an eyeliner or eyeshadow I take a pencil brush and smoke it out and soften harsh lines. I also like using it to precisely apply shadows on the brow bone.

Soft blended crease. Using just the tips to apply colour, sweep back and forth through the crease for a diffused and blended finish.
How I like to use it:
I love using this to apply and blend shadows into the crease and just above for a transition shade.

Subtle highlighting. Apply highlighting shades onto the upper contours of the face. Diffused finish gives skin a natural glow. 
How I like to use it:
This brush is ideal for dusting powder highlighters on the tops of the cheekbones. It picks up the shadow and places it beautifully on the skin!

Application of liquid or cream products to flat areas of the face such as the forehead and cheeks.
How I like to use it:
This brush is amazing for applying contour shadows and creams and to blend out seamlessly. Remember to blend into your hairline for a natural look.

This set can be purchased online from for only $99. This may sound like a lot but if you purchased each brush separately it would cost a total of $134.50, so you're essentially getting a brush for free!

Also by regularly cleaning and care of your brushes they will last years and continue to perform like they were bought yesterday!

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