How to DIY your own pink iron on patch denim jacket!

Step 1 Gather your materials. You will need:

Step 2 I chose Rit Liquid Dye as it was perfect for the 100% cotton jacket and skirt that I was dyeing. Check the material of the item you plan on dyeing that it will work with the type of dye you have as there is also a powder version available that works better for other fabric types. I went with petal pink but you can of course go with any colour of your choosing. I followed the instructions on the bottle which said to add the entire contents of the dye bottle to a bucket of very hot water with a cup of salt. Mix it all together then add in the clothes you wish to dye. Make sure to not leave any air bubbles in the clothes as those areas won't get dyed properly (this happened to me unfortunately but I was still happy with the results).

Step 3 Leave the clothes in the dye bath for about 30 minutes. Then take them out and rinse them of excess dye first in warm water slowly taking the temperature down to cold to lock in the dye. Then you can chuck the clothes into your washing machine on a delicate cycle with a little bit of gentle washing detergent so the dye doesn't run. Hang them out to dry over night.

Step 4 This is where the fun starts. Gather the iron on patches you have collected and choose where you wish to place them. Then simply iron them into place. I would recommend adding a few stitches around the outer edges to hold them in place as unfortunately one of my patches fell off when I wore my jacket out.

I collected my patches from markets, vintage stores in Japan, Etsy and ASOS.

I had to buy the patch with the girl with the pink hair because HELLO she looks just like me!!! It's by local Melbourne artist Susanna Rose Sykes

Voilà I wore the jacket out on the weekend to the Finders Keepers art and design market at the Royal Exhibition Building where I picked up a few more patches to add to my jacket. I mentioned that I also dyed a denim skirt at the same time as the jacket. The final result on the skirt ended up being a bit of a tie dye effect because unbeknownst to me there were a few air bubbles in the dye bath around the skirt. In the end though I am happy with the results, paired with the jacket it looks incredible! I am so happy with the whole look!

T-shirt Comme des Garçons
Shoes Seed Heritage
Clutch Poppy Lissiman 

How good is the final result of the jacket? At the market so many people stopped and asked me where I got it from and were impressed that it was a DIY project. I added the Melody Pop patch from Eat Me Do after I lost my vintage flower patch from Japan. I can't stress enough that adding a few simple stitches around each patch to secure it to the jacket is really important so you don't lose any. Learn from my mistakes!

So happy with the final result. Can't stop wearing it every single day!

I wore this clutch as it matched with the heart of my Comme des Garçons t-shirt and had the same vibe as my diy iron on patch jacket.

Can't get enough of these silver platform brogues.

I hope you are inspired to make your own diy iron on patch denim jacket. If you do please be sure to tag me & City Chic in your photos on instagram! Can't wait to see them.


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