In The Conservatory

 Ok ok, it really isn't warm enough to dress quite like this just yet here in Melbourne, but with every day that there is more sunshine than rain I can sense that spring is just around the corner and feel myself getting more and more excited for all that that means. No more tights, layers, boots and jackets, hello bare legs, short dresses and sandals! I can not wait! I took these photos in the warmest outdoorsy location I could think of - The Conservatory in Fitzroy Gardens, which is one of my favourite spots to visit anyway. I can't wait until it's warm enough to wear this outfit all day every day. For now I need to cover up and wear a jacket and tights still.

White Lace Dress City Chic Tea Party Dress $119.95 AUD
Necklace City Chic Geo Pendant $29.95 AUD
Black Heels City Chic Charly Lace Up Heels $89.95 AUD

 Honestly this whole outfit is just the best. I love the scalloped lace hem and the 60's shift dress shape - it brings me so much joy.

White Lace Dress City Chic Tea Party Dress $119.95 AUD

 Just pondering how awesome it will be to not have to wear a jacket every day.

 I can see the spring is just around the corner.

 Basking in the beautiful sunshine.

 I just love the pink accent in this geometric statement necklace. I thought it was a little mod which matches the 60's shift dress shape of the dress and the pink brings in my favourite pop of colour.

Necklace City Chic Geo Pendant $29.95 AUD

 So let's talk about these shoes. How freaking awesome are they? City Chic have just dropped an amazingly on trend fashion forward line of wide-fit shoes with some styles (including the above heels) coming in up to a size 43EU/12AU. This is amazing news for all of you with larger feet. Just a note I do actually have a narrow foot but this style works for me thanks to the laces as I can tighten them to fit me perfectly.

Black Heels City Chic Charly Lace Up Heels $89.95 AUD

The shoes are available exclusively online. If you want to try them on just order them to your favourite store with Click to Collect. That way if they don't fit you can return them then and there. Too easy!


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