Makeup With Marisa // 5 Tips For A Black Wardrobe

So I know I said that I would work on incorporating more colour into my wardrobe but the fact is, 9 times out of 10 I wear black and I am totally ok with that.

My reasoning? Apart from the fact I feel comfortable and chic, my hair is currently a mermaidesque shade of teal and purple so it really pops against an all black outfit (or that's the excuse I am running with anyway!) 

Below I share my top 5 tips for a black wardrobe as well as some of my current favourite all black City Chic styles.

MY TOP 5...


Lint Roller
It doesn't matter if you have pets or not, fluff will find a way onto your black clothes. A lint roller is a fast and easy way to remove any unwanted bits. But if you don't have one and need to be de-fluffed, wrap some some sticky tape around your fingers (so the adhesive is on the outside) and press it over the areas to pick up any fluff.

Nivea Black and White Deodorant (available for Women and Men)
There is nothing worse than getting ready to go out, spraying deodorant and getting those white, powdery stains appear under your arms - it has happened to me sooooo many times! I recently discovered Nivea Black and White Clear Deodorant which ensures you're left feeling fresh without any unwanted white marks.

Indoors Clothes Horse
Putting black clothes out to dry in direct sunlight will cause them to fade. So if you want to keep your black clothes looking 'black' then I would recommend an indoors clothes horse. It doesn't have to be big (if you don't have the room hanging the style up on a coat hanger to dry will also work) but just somewhere you can lay your black styles over to dry without compromising the colour.

Black Underwear
Sounds like a no brainer but it is surprising how many people wear black clothes with white or light coloured underwear. Bra straps can be noticeable at the best of times but when they are light or bright coloured when worn with black styles they stand out even more! I swear by the City Chic Smooth & Chic Black T-Shirt Bra for on the daily and when I am wearing a strapless top, dress or a top with a racer back the City Chic Adore Strapless Bra is a lifesaver!

There will always be someone who has an opinion about an all black wardrobe. Are you gothic/emo? Are you going to a funeral? You should never have to defend your wardrobe choices, you wear what you want and what makes you feel good. So rock that all black outfit and if anyone has a problem with it 'Girl, bye!'

Here are some of the new black City Chic styles I am loving right now!

Lacey Lust Dress - The Ultimate L.B.D

Rebel Yell Boyfriend Jean - For a little edge

Flower Garden Top - Sophisticated floral at its finest

Princess Pleat Skirt - Every girl deserves a princess moment

Suede Play Trench - Perfect for Winter

You've liked them and you nod your head when you see them!


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