Like Royalty

 You know the feeling when you're heading out in a new dress and you just feel like royalty? Like you're looking extra fine and you know it? Well that's how this dress makes me feel. Maybe it's the regal like purple hues or the print which reminds me of what I imagine royalty would have worn in the 19th century. The dress has a punky almost Vivienne Westwood vibe thanks to it's studded front detailing and medieval floral print. I paired the dress back with purple and maroon accessories which I think helped me feel more like a queen.

Tights Last season from City Chic
Lolly Bag WeGo Harajuku
Platform Shoes Gorman

 Yas Queen!

 The studded detail adds a modern touch.

 How cute is my lolly bag?

These shoes are my everything!

What makes you feel like a queen?


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