Wet & Wild

Taking outfit photos can be a little tricky in the winter months, especially in four seasons in one day Melbourne. I got all dressed up to go out for brunch and record shopping with my friend who was visiting from Brisbane, and as we left I asked him if he could take some quick outfit photos for me. As soon as we got the camera out the wind started howling and we could see storm clouds coming in so we tried to hurry up and take the photos. That's why my hair is blowing madly in the wind in these photos and I have a kinda stressed out look on my face. I love this outfit though, the pleather pencil skirt fits me so well and gives the perfect rock & roll vibe for record shopping with my muso mate. I teamed it with my classic vintage leather jacket and some trademark "Fashion Hayley" pink with my tshirt and backpack.

Skirt City Chic Pleather Split Skirt $89.95 AUD
Leather biker jacket Vintage but similar style can be found at City Chic - City Chic Pleather Drape Jacket $149.95 AUD & City Chic Pleather Bolero Jacket $129.95 AUD
Tights Last season from City Chic
Platform shoes Gorman

Yes, I'm wearing pom pom eyelashes that I bought in Tokyo. I haven't really had an excuse to wear them yet so thought why not today?

Still obsessed with ridiculous shoes.

Oh god I do love this pink backpack so much.

Do you have a favourite record shop? Mine is Northside Records on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy.


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