Makeup With Marisa // Must-Have Makeup Brushes

An artist is only as good as their tools and good makeup brushes are an essential tool for a polished and flawless makeup application.

Below I share some of my must-have brushes, how I like to use them and why I love them.

Two in the kit, two in my studio - this brush is a must have for any artist or makeup enthusiast. It is great for applying shadows over the lid and through the crease while the soft bristles blend the shadows out beautifully. Because I have hooded eyes I love placing this brush into my eye socket, while my eyes are open, sweeping it backwards and forwards to get an even wash of colour.

As soon as I tried this brush I could easily see why it is one of Jaclyn Hill's favourite Morphe Brushes! To use I like to dot my foundation on my face and neck, lightly spray my brush with some M.A.C Fix+ and then lightly buff the foundation in a circular motion creating a fabulous and flawless base.

When I want my highlight shining to the Gods I reach for this brush. I have used smaller, thinner fan brushes before but none give the coverage and shine like this baby! The bristles grab the powder and evenly disperse it to the tops of the cheekbones. I have also kept the plastic casing around the top so the bristles keep their shape.

I love using this brush in two different ways: one, as a contour brush like the name suggests and two as a blush brush. Ever since I saw M.A.C MUA Romero Jennings doing the 'kitten paws' blush drumming on Instagram I found this brush to be great for adding subtle colour to the cheeks using the same technique.

This brush is my ride or die! It is an ideal, fluffy blending brush which I love using clean and taking through my crease and transition shade to blend out any harsh lines and fuse my shades seamlessly together.

I might be new to team Zoeva but this brush alone has made me a fan for life! It has soft yet flat bristles and I love using it to pack shadow onto my mobile lid. I also like to spray it with a little M.A.C Fix+ and pick up loose pigment or shimmers to pat onto the lid for a pretty sheen.

The flat, tapered tip of this brush is ideal for carving out under the brows with concealer and softly blending it out.

Many dupes have been released but this is THE brush that helped put contouring and sculpting on the map. The flat, angular design of the bristles glides seamlessly under the cheekbones for a killer contour!

The Kat Von D 'Shade + Light' collection holds a special place in my heart and the contour brushes perfectly complement the shadows. The eye contour brush is dual-ended, one side being 'shade' which is pointed in a similar style to a pencil brush and the opposite end is 'light' which perfectly blends and softens any harsh lines. I use this brush a lot along my lower lash line, with the 'shade' brush providing very controlled, bold lines which I then smoke out with the 'light' brush.

While this brush is designed for eyeliner I love using it to shape and fill in my brows with powder. The firm, angled bristles are perfect for creating a precise tail as well as to feather through for on point brows.

What brushes can you not live without? Let me know in the comments below so I can check them out!


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