Road Tripping

 I recently got my L's. Yes, I'm very late to the game as a women in her 30's deciding to get her Learners license, but it's never seemed important before. I've always lived in the inner city near public transport, and I still do. However I have been craving going on road trips and getting out of the city more and more as I get older. There's only so many times you can go have brunch at the same cafe on the same street then visit the same shops before it starts to get boring. So a fully licensed friend decided to take me on a road trip to the Macedon Ranges last weekend and give me a chance to get behind the wheel for the very first time. I was terrified but we found a small quiet country road and I practiced going round in circles. I'm not brave enough to do anything more than that just yet but I had such a fun time getting out of the city and seeing some nature!

I wore my new City Chic maxi dress which looked stunning against the colours of the Australian bush. I love pairing flowing maxi dressed with harder darker pieces for an edgier look. 

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 We are so lucky to have such amazing countryside a little over an hour away from the city.

 I am in love with all the colours in this photo! From my hair to the sunset, trees and my dress - it makes my heart sing.

 Please oh please take me back!

My shoes were my little bit of "Fashion Hayley OTTness"

Have you been on a road trip recently? Where did you go? Let me know in the comments below.


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