Stripe Twins

I recently started at a new job where there are two sets of "office twins". Now let me explain what exactly an office twin is - basically it's a set of two people who both started work on the same day, have the same body type, same style and similar interests. Sarah above is my office twin and yes our office has another set of office twins who are so alike that even their nieces and nephews have the EXACT SAME NAMES! It's like they were separated at birth. How this even happened is beyond us but we do enjoy it. Sarah and I often turn up to work in very similar outfits, on this day we both turned up wearing our new striped items from City Chic and I thought that was reason enough to take some photos for the blog.

Sarah is wearing

Hayley is wearing 

Totally Twinning!

Sarah looks absolutely stunning in her Harley bootleg jeans. The high waisted style really highlights her small waist and the slightly flared leg gives her look a more high fashion look. Teamed with the striped crop top and her vibrant red hair Sarah's look is edgy but still work appropriate.

I love Sarah's bold red hair!

The high waisted jeans are so flattering!

My look is very 1960s mod inspired. I paired the simple striped shift with my trademark pink accessories to make the look my own and wore my new favourite silver brogues.

I went with daisy earrings as they remind me of the 1960s which is what inspired this outfit.

My cute bunny bag and flower bangle perfectly finished off my look.

Do you have an office twin? Have you ever heard of the concept before? 


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