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My summer go-to is a bodycon dress. By the time June comes around, I’m usually on a super clean diet and in a pretty committed workout routine and feeling pretty darn good about myself. And I will admit that if you were to walk into my closet, you would absolutely find an obscene amount of black bodycon dresses in as many variations as they come.
So this time, I decided to push myself a little bit and go with a color that scares me in bodycons – white.

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Black is a glorious safety blanket for me. It minimizes things I don’t want seen and maximizes everything else (not to mention how bomb black looks with a tan) – but white? White just seems like a walk on the wild side… for lots of reasons. First, because you can’t hide in white – everything is visible – everything you WANT to be visible and even things you don’t. Secondly, if you’re even the tiniest bit clumsy (like me) you spend the entire time counting down the hours until your Starbucks ends up on your dress.
That being said, I decided to challenge myself and buy this dress. I think a huge part of body positivity and self-love is challenging yourself to see your body in different ways. Some are more flattering than others, that’s for sure, but it is paramount to be comfortable with who you are – right now – even if it means being a little uncomfortable.

I am trilled to report that not only did I feel like a straight up #GIRLBOSS in this dress – I felt pretty, and comfortable and happy. Am I perfect? No. And that’s okay. Being on a health and weight loss journey is a JOURNEY and doesn’t happen overnight. But just because I’m in process doesn’t mean I can’t love myself and how I look every single step of the way.
*FIT NOTES From a comfort perspective, this plus size bodycon dress is incredible. It’s lightweight and easy to wear, fits beautifully and looks great with minimal shapewear. I am wearing a size 16/S for reference. 

Until next time!
Stay chic!


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