Justin Bieber Dance Class in my Activewear

I went to an amazing dance class the other week where we learnt the dance from Justin Bieber's  music video for his massive hit song Sorry. Of course I took it as an opportunity to bust out my new City Chic Activewear. Going to this dance class was a huge step outside of my comfort zone, I've never been to a dance class before and I'm not particularly fit or coordinated - yet I absolutely loved it. The instructor was really patient with the varied skill levels of the novice and pro dancers and made everyone feel comfortable. It didn't matter if you were doing it perfectly as long as you were trying and having fun. The moves themselves are kind basic alone, but then when put all together my brain and body couldn't handle it and I'm sure I looked like I was just flailing about but boy was it fun! Watch the video below and see for yourself just how tricky it is.

All hot and sweaty after the class. I felt confident and supported in my new City Chic crop top. The leggings were very comfortable to do all the booty popping and leg twisting dance moves. I chose the 3/4 length as I liked how they showed off my strong calves and small ankles. The jacket around my waist was a styling decision based on the looks in the music video, I removed it for the class but wore it home as it was pretty cold outside that night. I'm not usually into wearing tracksuit's outside of my home or a sporting environment but I rocked my City Chic Activerwear home on the tram and didn't feel self conscious once. I love the bright bold orange colour of the jacket so it wasn't a huge departure from my usual outfits and the leggings are really forgiving and not saggy at all so I actually felt like I looked hot, yes hot in a tracksuit, who'd have thought it? 

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