Valentine's Day

 Valentine's Day is next weekend so I thought I'd do a cute little pin up shoot to celebrate the occasion in my new City Chic lingerie that I freaking LOVE! By the way there's currently a promotion on $60 sets so now is a better time than ever to pick yourself up something sexy at City Chic. I've always wanted to do a pin up shoot, and my friend just so happened to have the perfectly cute retro kitchen to shoot in. I am so happy with the way these photos turned out, now if only I had a Valentine to share them with.

 This baby doll is so sexy. The set comes with a g-string and is perfect for surprising your man (or woman) at home with some freshly baked cupcakes on Valentine's Day.

 This set was just made for me! I feel absolutely gorgeous and sexy in it.


 My friend made the cupcakes and left me with just one cupcake to ice - it didn't exactly turn out that great. I'm more of a buy from the store kinda girl!

 But boy were they delicious. Thanks so much Zanthi for helping me out with this shoot and for making the cupcakes for me.

So yum! What have you got planned for Valentine's Day? I'm single for the first time in a long long time and my friends and I are going to karaoke to celebrate our single gal status which should be fun.


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