Hey Guys,
I’m super excited to let you know that City Chic are releasing an active wear range!!
As you might already know I compete in a sport called Strongwoman and recently held the title of national champion. I pull trucks, bend frying pans, lift up people and carry over 300kg on my back.
I’m in active wear all the time for training but these new items are so gorgeous, I know I’ll end up wearing them everywhere!
I exercise almost every day of the week, not to lose weight or burn calories, but to look after my health and feel energetic and happy every single day.

It’s been quite hard to find active wear in larger sizes; it seems everyone thinks you need to be skinny to want to look nice in gym gear. But that certainly is not the case! We want to look gorgeous exercising at every size and now we can :D

Sometimes just having something luxurious and beautiful to wear gives you that extra little kick of motivation to get to the gym or go for a walk.
I can’t wait to see you gorgeous ladies around the place in your new City Chic active wear.
Happy shopping!
Asha xx



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