Cooking with Asha // Fresh Berry Stack

 Hey Guys,

With Christmas only days away I thought it would be nice to share one of my favourite festive desserts. If your family get togethers are anything like mine, by the time dessert comes around you’re so stuffed that you can barely fit it in. But I can always make room for dessert!

Light, refreshing and little bit decedent; this fresh berry stack will be just what you’re looking for at your next Christmas celebration.

300g fresh mixed berries (or thawed frozen berries)
6 meringue nests
100g mascarpone
100g cream cheese
1 tbsp honey
6 tsp strawberry jam

Spread 1 tsp jam in each meringue nest

In a bowl combine mascarpone, cream cheese and honey. Beat with an electric mixer until smooth

Spoon cheese mixture onto each meringue

Chop strawberries and top each meringue with berries. Axel thinks they smell pretty delicious!


Asha xx 


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