Sometimes Glam Style Edit // LEATHER LOVE

I have a confession to make.
 I've been wearing these Rockit pants a lot... way more than is socially acceptable. 
I said that in the most politically correct way possible. 

What I'm actually saying is: I'm so obsessed with these pants, I've worn them nearly every day since they turned up on my doorstep.

They're right up my alley: a perfect blend of edgy and feminine. In case the idea of a leather-like pant is a bit intimidating, allow me to show you three fab ways to wear them... no matter what your style.

Top Models Own

Jacket Models Own

Check out the video below to see these must-have jeans in action!

They're a no-brainer for casual days, creative offices and crisp fall evenings out with the girls. Ladies, if I keep wearing them at this pace, I'm going to need another pair!

Get yours ASAP!

until next time - stay chic!


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