Sally's Style Edit // One Look - Four Ways!

 As Winter continues on and fills our day with cool breezes and our nights with freezing frosts, our Winter wardrobe starts to look, well... dull. At first busting out all those fabulous layers and soft Winter fabrics is equally exciting and comforting, but this far into the season they start to feel a little drab and frumpy.

The trick to keeping content with all your Winter lovelies is to keep them feeling fresh - you don't have to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe (although who am I to stop you?!) what you need to do is start mixing together all the different pieces you already have and experiment with some new outfits from your existing clothes! Think fur over lace over leather. Or pattern on pattern. Whatever works for you and your wardrobe! 

 Now if you're like me and you're more of a visual learner, I ducked into my nearest City Chic here in Wollongong to mix together a few popular pieces right now to show you how one dress, the
City Chic Undress Me Dress, can easily be tranformed into four outfits.

Have a look and then have some fun mixing up your outfits this week!

If you're feeling extra creative why not take a pic or make a collage and tag us on Instagram #cclovescurves or post on our Facebook page!

Enjoy mix'n'matching City Chicers


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