Floral High Tea

Last time I shared an outfit post with you that outfit was very monotone black and white, so this bright and bold pink floral look couldn't be any more different. I guess like a typical Gemini (hello it's my birthday month!) I have two sides to me, and that's true of both my personality and my personal style. Personality wise I can be very quiet, shy and reserved one minute and then extremely loud, hyper and excitable the next . The same can be said about my style, some days I like to play it safe and dress in black and white whilst others I like to go to the extreme opposite of that and dress in a rainbow of bold and clashing colours, although usually with a heavy pink theme just like today. I just love the colour pink, if you search the hashtag #pinkcore on instagram you will find mostly photos of yours truly in head to toe pink. As soon as I saw this dress in store at City Chic I knew how I wanted to style it, pairing it back with my favourite pink accessories. With it's beautiful multi-coloured floral print, I thought it would look great if I matched the red from one of the flowers with my tights and the pink from another of the flowers with my shoes, jacket and accessories, creating the perfect colour clash. I just love how it turned out - a bright and bold winter look, perfect to brighten up any gloomy wet and grey winter day. Good news is the dress in now on SALE!

Leather Jacket Gorman, City Chic have some awesome Vinyl Jackets in a few colours 
Pink Pom Pom Heels Asos
Flower Crown DIY made at Lady Petrova's School of Fabulousness floral crown class

I love all the pink in this outfit, from the pink flowers in the print of the dress down to my bright and bold accessories.

Leather Jacket Gorman, City Chic have some awesome Vinyl Jackets in a few colours 

I recently attended a class on flower crown construction by the iconic Melbourne fashion identity, Lady Petrova. It was such a fun afternoon, getting creative with all the other girls followed by a mini photoshoot on a rooftop overlooking the city with tea and cupcakes provided. Seriously you should try to book in for one of the classes, it's such a fun idea in a totally awesome rooftop location in the heart of the city. 

Flower Crown DIY made at Lady Petrova's School of Fabulousness floral crown class

Such a quirky and fun shoes and tights combo!


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