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 I won't sugar-coat it ladies,(pun intended) finding your burlesque character is not as easy as putting on a pair of heels and some red lipstick. Your burlesque persona is really just a heightened version of your own personality! Burlesque is all about performance and showing the audience who you are without explaining it, so we need to turn up the volume within ourselves and let it shine out! We always have a few categories for new performers who aren't sure where they would fit in, so to make it easier here is my breakdown of the ladies who you may find in the burlesque world!

The Seductress
She is the one who enters the stage with power. The Seductress is always doing a very classic bump and grind striptease, she moves with confidence, and takes her time in slowing down her routine to draw out the tease. Never underestimate the power of slow movement! It gives the audience time to appreciate the effort in your glamour. If you feel like you want to bring out your inner Jessica Rabbit then becoming a Seductress is definitely for you. Invest in a pair of long opera length satin gloves and practice taking them off slowly in front of the mirror, and make sure to make eye contact with yourself! The Seductress is never shy! 

The Comedy Queen
I love to think of myself as a 'jack of all trades' when it comes to burlesque, but I have really made a name for myself in the burlesque scene with a few laughs. The Comedy Queen is a girl who is confident in her humour. You always want to show the audience something new that they couldn't have known before: One of my favourite comedy acts to perform is my Golden Walrus act. Performers are a dime a dozen dressing like kittens or tropical birds on stage: So I chose to make an elegant golden gown with flippers and a beautiful golden mermaid-esque wig. The best part is the laugh I get as I coyly turn my face toward the audience to reveal my bushy walrus mask and tusks. The comedy queen thinks outside the box. Make yourself laugh, and you will have the audience laughing with you. 

The Dark Vamp
We all have a little darkness within us, The Dark vamp is very much the Morticia Adams of burlesque. She never smiles, she loves her resting bitch face and she can captivate an audience with a single look. Unfortunately I do too much wacky-face to pull off this style, but if you love a bit of metal, or gothic music you can definitely own this. My advice is to get yourself a black corset, dark red lipstick, and put on "Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave, or "Bad Things" by Jace Everett. Whatever track floats your boat really. Music is essential to the Dark Vamp, you need to choose a song you love and a song that makes you feel a little bit like a Disney Villain.

The Nerdlesquer
Firstly, nerdlesque is in itself another sub-category of burlesque. Are you a Harry Potter fangirl? Always wanted to be the Doctor's new companion? Are you a Lannister or a Stark? If any of these made your heart leap a little: Nerdlesque is for you. Essentially the nerdlesquer shows the audience how much she loves a pop-culture reference by using it in her act on stage. I only have one Nerdlesque act in my repertoire at the moment: Which is a tribute to the still-great Spongebob Squarepants. See. Anything is possible. Dress like a Tardis, or Strip from Gryffindor Robes down to green Slytherin colours. Nerdlesque is a great way to inspire you to get on the stage with an act that you really truly love, and that you created for YOU and not necessarily to please the audience.

Ideas, questions and comments welcome! Let me know where you think you may fit in?
xx Sugar Du Joure

We are excited to announce that Sugar De Joure will be performing at 'Empress Nouvelle: Sydney' as part of the Australian Burlesque Festival! Stay tuned for details being released soon on how you can enter the draw to win a double pass to attend this not to be missed performance!

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