Jennifer's Style Edit // Festival Season!

Hello my loves!
I am so excited that Spring is in the air which also means Music Festival Season in quickly approaching.  Whether you are headed to the glorious desert of Palm Springs for Coachella, partying it up on an island outside of NYC for Governor's Ball, traveling to the gorgeous Bay Area for Outside Lands, or venturing to any amazing festival in between I have some great tips for what to wear and what to have on you to maximize the experience.

When I saw the Festival collection from City Chic my heart automatically swooned.  Finally trendy, comfortable, and cute clothing options for curvy girls that are perfect for twirling about to music.  I immediately fell in love with the Mono Festival Playsuit that has an adorable pattern and great fringe detail.  It's really important to wear light and breathable clothes since you will be in the sun for prolonged periods of time.  Also I loved the idea of a romper since it has coverage and prevents my thighs from getting uncomfortable.  Let's be real I am in a no thigh gap zone and bike shorts/spanx are required for when I wear a skirt or dress.  I popped on this adorable neon Kimono Pop Jacket and cute (super comfy) wedge sandals which would be more of an after party look.

During the day you will be doing a lot of walking and spending a lot of time in the sun. It's easier to not bring anything excessive inside unless you bring in a cute backpack or camelback (which is great for having water on you).  The romper by itself is great and light paired with a cross body bag to hold all of my belongings, a fun and reasonable priced statement necklace, and a flash tattoo.  Also as far as foot wear I would most likely have on flat sandals so I can walk for prolonged periods.  Wear comfortable shoes! I find choosing accessories that work with your outfit but won't bother you or get in the way of you moving around are the best so you won't mind if they break or get lost. I also love flash tattoos they are all over the place and great for decorating your body without wearing excess jewelry.

What's in my Festival Bag.
What you bring into the festival matters. I have attended several festivals and these items are always in my bag.

1. Phone and Portable Phone Charger - This for me is a given. Whether it is taking pictures, recording videos, or trying to contact your group of friends the phone is an important thing to have on you.  Last year I bought a portable charger and it was literally a life saver.

2.  Sunscreen - I have extremely fair skin so I always carry sunscreen to prevent a burn from ruining my time.

3.  Hair Ties and Chapstick -  If you're over having your hair down there are now super cute options for getting that mane off of your neck, and chapstick is great to prevent dry lips especially if you're out in a dusty area.

4.  Hand Sanitizer - Things get dirty and it's nice to feel refreshed particularly after using the "restrooms".

5.  ID and Cash - I highly recommend going to your bank before going to a festival to avoid ATM fees and to prevent losing your bank card.  ID is a given also if you want to purchase adult beverages.

6.  Water - Weather you bring in a bottle, camelback, or purchase bottled water keep hydrated. You are in the sun for prolonged periods and often times having a beer or drinks. It's important to stay hydrated so you have the energy to party all night and catch all your favorite bands.

I hope everyone who ventures to a festival this season has an amazing, fun and safe time!



This Post was Sponsored by City Chic, and all opinions are my own.


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