Introducing the Girl with the Curl: Sugar Du Joure

I found out about burlesque in the simplest of ways. I was always a fan of fashion icon Dita Von Teese and loved to emulate her style. Upon realising she was a Burlesque icon I attended a beginners burlesque class and discovered not only a fun performance art; but a whole world of women who celebrated the diversity and beauty of the female body. Everybody could do it, everybody could be great at it, and I knew it was the place for me.

I have been performing and teaching burlesque professionally for four years with the Perth based cabaret troupe 'Lady Velvet Cabaret.' I am lucky enough to have been a contestant in Miss Burlesque Australia, making the top 5 performers for WA in 2012 and 2013, and much to my delight placing Second Runner Up in 2014. I was lucky enough to travel to Adelaide for the 2014 Australian Burlesque Festival. This year I am happy to say I am making my international debut at the 2015 London Burlesque Festival in May, as one of the three performers chosen to represent Australia.

My style of burlesque is very comedy-based and vivacious. I am definitely not the slow, sultry Dita-esque performer I thought I wanted to be when I started out. I love to make the audience laugh with me when a joke is revealed. My favourite act so far is appearing as a giant tube of toothpaste, in which I squeeze myself out of a tube-like costume to reveal a very attractive mint-swirled corset underneath. To surprise my audience is almost as good as the tease itself. Burlesque can bring out so many hidden talents as it allows each performer to be whoever she wants to be on stage. Confidence is key, but once you break through that barrier, nothing can stop you.

I am so happy to be linked with my fellow City Chicer's and offer you all a little insight into the world of Burlesque. As a gorgeous plus sized lady I adore City Chic fashion and use a lot of it in my acts. Ever wondered how to make a burlesque costume from scratch? No sewing machine? No problem. Never taken a dance class before? Easy peasy. Like I said, Burlesque is for everyone. I am here to answer any questions and to lead you on the road to discovering your inner burlesque queen.

Xx Sugar Du Joure 

Photography by Chayla Taylor from Chayla Taylor Photography

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