Makeup with Marisa // Valentine’s Day: Lashes + Lips

Up your makeup game this Valentine's Day by adding lashes and a long lasting lipstick to your look.

Not everyone is blessed with naturally long lashes but with a wide range of lengths, volumes, shapes and sizes of lashes available you can fake it till you make it!

Fake lashes can be a little intimidating if you haven't used them before but like the old saying goes practice makes perfect!

Curl your natural lashes and add a coat of mascara before applying the fake lashes.

Then select the type of lash you would like. You can go for a bar lash or individual lashes depending on the look you're trying to achieve. Bar lashes are perfect for a fuller, more dramatic look and individual lashes are great for a natural look. But because it's V-Day and we want your eyes to look extra sexy we will go for a bar lash with lots of length and volume.

Carefully remove the lashes from the packaging so not to damage or tear them and measure them up against your natural lash line. If the lashes are too long trim them from the outside using some scissors. This will ensure they don't over hang or sit uncomfortably once applied.

Apply the lash glue to the bar of the lashes and using either tweezers or your fingers (whatever feels most comfortable) hold the lashes from the centre and position them as close to the middle of your natural lash line as you can. 

Be sure to keep your eye slightly open when putting them on to avoid gluing your eyes shut! Once the middle is in place get the end of the lash and put in place as close to the lash line as you can and then do the same to the other end towards the inner corner of the eye. If the lash isn't staying down hold it in place until the glue is dry.

Give it a couple of minutes and see how the lashes feel. If they are uncomfortable adjust them until you're happy with them. Keep in mind they will feel a little weird to start but after 5-10 minutes you won't even know they are on!

Add another coat of mascara to your lashes, this will fuse them with the fake lashes to really complete the look, and voila! You have sexy, sultry lashes!

To remove the lashes at the end of the night, gently pull them off being careful not to pull your natural lashes. Use eye makeup remover to remove any excess glue from your lash line.

You can reuse your fake lashes again if you clean them well after use. Use some tweezers and remove any dry, excess glue off the lash bar. Lay them on a piece of tissue and using a cotton tip with eye makeup remover on the end, wipe over the lashes removing any mascara. Leave them to air dry and then store them in the original box until you're ready to wear again. I personally wouldn't wear a pair more than two or three times before discarding. 

Once you have applied the glue to the lash bar allow it to dry for a couple of minutes, fanning it in the air (don't blow on them) - this will allow the glue to get tacky and make it easier to control and stick in place. 

Pucker up with a long lasting lip colour this V-Day thanks to this trick of the trade. 

Line the lips and apply a coat of your favourite lipstick.

Then place one ply of tissue over the lips and with a fluffy powder brush dust a coat of baby powder or translucent powder. This will help set the lipstick, making it last longer.

Now apply another coat of lipstick and you're good to go!

To create soft, sultry lips moisturise them with a gloss or conditioning balm before you start applying your makeup. This will prep your lips giving them time to absorb the moisture and soften them so by the time you're ready to apply lipstick they will be soft and subtle, giving you the perfect lip look!


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