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We all have a favourite, can't live without beauty product and I got the exclusive from my fellow City Chic Insiders PLUS a special guest on what their must have beauty products are and how YOU can get them too.

What makeup or beauty product can you not live without?

 I love love love eyeshadow primer! There is nothing worse than completing a fabulous eye makeup and having it crease or crack! By adding a primer before your eyeshadow (powder or cream) it creates a smooth canvas that ensures your eye makeup lasts all day or night. It also helps to intensify the colour of your eyeshadow making bright colours and metallics really pop!

My fave at the moment is the NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base but it was hard to pick just one as I am also a fan of the Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper.

Secretly Make-up scares me: I am more of a clear lip gloss and eyeliner kind of girl but with that said as with my growing confidence I started experimenting, and I started with colour! And where better to start but with a bright red lip!

Introducing my first love M.A.C 'Ruby Woo'. It has a matte finish that gives it sexy and class all rolled up in one. It is my ultimate accessory, adding a pop of colour to any outfit. I have added Candy Yum Yum and Heroine to my collection and with every visit to M.A.C stores I leave with a new colour.

You can purchase this lipstick online, alternatively visit any M.A.C, Myer (Australia), Nordstrom (USA) or
Edgars (South Africa) stores in your area.

One of my favorite beauty products that I use is the Too Faced Melted Lipstick in fuchsia; which really does feel like melted lipstick. It’s actually a stain so it has crazy lasting power! I only reapply because I am obsessed with how it feels when it goes on. And let’s talk about the color. Your lips will be poppin, to say the least!

My number one beauty must have is Innoxa's Satin Sheen Foundation with SPF 30+

Living in Australia with fair skin having a foundation that doubles as sun protection is really important to me. Innoxa's Satin Sheen foundation formula isn't sticky like I found most foundations with SPF to be. Most importantly their colour range really suits my skin tone as the shade I wear, ivory, is pink based which helps it to seamlessly blend into my skin giving perfect coverage.

 Also available at Priceline and Myer (Australia).

My favourite beauty product would be Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara.
I am absolutely obsessed with this product and feel that it gives my whole look that sultry factor.  Whenever I am in a rush and don't apply eye makeup I feel that a bit of mascara really pulls my look together and brightens up my eyes. I love Diorshow in particular because it not only volumizes and lengthens my lashes but it gives them a gentle curl as well. It stays on all day and I have that long lasting wow factor, it is my daily go to without a doubt.

My favourite product is the Arbonne nurturing day lotion with SPF 15.
I don't wear a lot of makeup so I love to keep my skin looking natural and healthy. The nurturing day lotion with SPF 15 gives me protection from the sun and a healthy natural glow with no oily patches. 

All the Arbonne products are not tested on animals and derived from natural ingredients, so I feel great knowing my skin will look awesome and I'm doing my bit to help animals and the environment.

My all-time must-have cannot-live-without beauty fave is the Maybelline Volume Express Falsies Mascara in Black Drama. I really like to focus attention on my eyes and I think the easiest way to do this is with some fluttering lashes! No matter the season, the outfit, the time - some strong, defined lashes are perfect for every occasion.

One of my favourite beauty must haves is my Lime Crime Velvetine. It's the perfect shade of red for any of my rockabilly/50's occasions and the fact that it goes on like a gloss and then dries makes it ideal for events. I can drink my drink and kiss anyone without it coming off!

My favourite 'can't live without it' product is the Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm. It's similar to a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer and offers a lightweight coverage without hiding your skin's natural beauty. I love it because doesn't irritate my dry sensitive skin and it also has SPF for additional protection. I use my regular moisturizer first and then apply just a few dabs of this with a brush or fingertips and it lasts for the whole day. Great for the day's that you don't feel like wearing a full face of makeup, but still want to look put together and photo-ready!

You can purchase it at Ulta Stores or Sephora (USA), Mecca Cosmetica (Australia).

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