Makeup with Marisa // Foundation: Brush VS Blender

When applying my foundation I like to alternate between a brush and a sponge depending on what look or coverage I am trying to achieve.

If I want a full coverage I always reach for my foundation brush. I like to use either a firm, flat tapered brush with natural bristles that gives a smooth foundation application or a duo fibre brush which allows me to buff the foundation into my skin in circular motions, creating a flawless airbrush-like finish.

Before putting on your foundation, you can also use your foundation brush to apply your primer. Primers help create a smooth base which holds your makeup in place.

To set my foundation base, I apply a loose foundation/translucent powder with a large fluffy powder brush. Not only does this create a matte finish but it assists in keeping my foundation in place throughout the day or night.

For a more natural, fast and flawless application Beautyblender's are my holy grail.
A Beautyblender (as pictured) is an edgeless, egg shaped sponge applicator which has a wider bottom and narrow top making it perfect to cover main areas of the face as well as get into smaller or hard to reach areas around the eyes and nose.

To use simply:
  • Dampen the sponge by putting it under cold water. Hold it in your hand and use a squeezing motion so it absorbs the water - this also allows the sponge to double in size
  • Squeeze out the excess water
  • Lightly towel dry using the same squeezing motion
  • Dip the sponge into your foundation and stipple it onto your face. By stippling, it evenly distributes and blends the foundation over the skin, creating a flawless finish.

That's not to say you can't use the Beautyblender for a fuller coverage too! Just apply more foundation to build up your base, stippling it in as you go.

To create a dewier finish, I skip the setting powder and apply a cream blush to the apples of my cheeks and a highlighter/illuminator to the top of my cheekbones. A sponge applicator is perfect for seamlessly blending these types of cream products onto the skin.

The Beautyblender is a non-disposable sponge so ensure you cleanse, rinse and dry after every use to avoid bacteria. It is also recommended that you replace your sponge applicator every 3 months.

The original Beautyblender is available from a number of online retailers but other sponge applicators are also available and can be purchased at your local Priceline, Mecca and Sephora.

Brush or Blender - what is your favourite?


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