Summer Lovin' // Asha's Top 50 Things To Do

Hey Guys,

Summer is here and there are so many great things to do, so why not be adventurous and try something you haven’t done before! Get inspired and plan some fun activities with your friends and family, or on your own.

Here’s 50 ideas you might like:

01/  Have a picnic

02/  Play in the sprinkler

03/  Cook a new recipe

04/  Go for a bush walk

05/  Paint a picture

06/  Do a random act of kindness for a stranger

07/  Go on a road trip

08/  Go fishing

09/  Watch a movie outside or go to an outdoor cinema

10/  Have a bubble bath

11/  Get dressed up and take photos

12/  Hand write a letter

13/  Wear a crown

14/  Give someone a really long hug

15/  Plant something

16/  Watch the sun set or rise

17/  Play Monopoly

18/  Do a yoga class

19/  Build a sandcastle

20  Go to the Zoo

21/  Make a scrapbook

22/  Sleep in a tent (indoors or outdoors)

23/  Make someone breakfast in bed

24/  Play mini golf

25/  Donate to charity

26/  Ride a camel

27/  Watch the clouds float by

28/  Have a water balloon fight

29/  Write down your goals and make a plan

30/  Look through a telescope

31/  Go bowling

32/  Try a new sport

33/  Fly a kite

34/  Design a t-shirt

35/  Visit or call someone you haven’t seen in a long time

36/  Jump into a ball pit

37/  Make a new friend

38/  Pick wild flowers

39/  Make homemade jam

40/  Go for a bike ride

41/  Spend the day taking photos of everything beautiful you see

42/  Jump on a trampoline

43/  Don’t go on social media for an entire day

44/  Go to a farmers market

45/  Make a green smoothie

46/  Make jewellery

47/  Plan a party or holiday

48/  Cuddle a friendly dog or cat

49/  Have a tea party

50/  Get a new hairstyle

Asha xx


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