New Year - New Style // Jennifer's 2015 Style Resolutions

Hello my loves!
I hope you all are having a beautiful start to 2015.  During this time a lot of us are thinking about resolutions and are in the midst of starting to implement some new and exciting things in life.  This got me thinking about what resolutions people make surrounding their wardrobes.  I came up some helpful tips on how to kickstart a new style for the new year.

Resolution #1:  I want to dress in a more body conscious/form fitting way.

Body Con Dresses, Pencil Skirts, and Curve Hugging Tops can be intimidating for anyone regardless of size or body type.  The first thing to nail down when rocking a body conscious style is confidence.  Remember that your body is beautiful and you deserve to own it and celebrate it.  Now, there are some ways of styling this to ease you into flaunting that body.  I personally love long line jackets or blazers with body conscious clothing.  Weather it is a dress or high waisted jeans with a crop top, the jacket provides some extra coverage/structure to get the perfect balance between sexy and comfortable.  Also for me personally, I invest in good shape wear.  City Chic Online, Caciqué, and Spanx carry some very supportive options in different cuts that allow my clothes to have smooth lines.  I like to think of it as a way of getting the proper fit of clothing versus hiding or "fixing" the body.  I encourage you to try on different fabrics, colors, and patterns to see what makes you feel the best and most fabulous.  Owning your unique beauty and body is what it's really about in the end!

Resolution #2:  I'm working on my budget and want to learn to shop in my closet.
This is a BIG one for me currently.  I adore buying new clothes, but am on the path of being more budget conscious this year.  The pictures from today's post were "shopped" from my closet.  A smart way of building a lasting wardrobe is to go for a mix of high and low priced pieces.  Spend money on clothing items that will be wardrobe staples.  Some of my go to wardrobe pieces are a quality leather jacket, well fitted jeans, black skater skirt, a tailored blazer, well made and structured purse, a trench coat, and well fitted blouses. Go through your wardrobe and see what you typically wear in your daily life and put the money into pieces that will be timeless and you can wear for years.  This makes incorporating more trendy items into your closet less costly and you end up building a wardrobe.  Once you have these basics it becomes easier to mix and match pieces and work them with different looks.  You can also find some amazing and price friendly accessories that complete any outfit.  You don't have to spend tons of money to look well put together and create a dynamic ensemble.

Resolution #3:  I need to add in more business professional attire into my wardrobe.
I know for many people, including myself, this is a challenge. There are often dress codes associated with business attire and it can be pricey to incorporate these new elements into your wardrobe.  I have a few key pieces that will keep you feeling fresh in the corporate world.  The first and foremost is a well structured blazer.  I love blazers in general and feel like they give a smart touch to several types of outfits.    Invest in a good well made blazer and it literally pulls the outfit together.  Some other business essentials are a well fitted dress, tailored pants, a pencil skirt, a nice bag that can hold work/life essentials, and a few shirts (shells) of varying colors. Not all fabrics and cuts work off the rack on everybody so do not be afraid to use a tailor to get the perfect fit. These basics allow you to change up the look with different shoes and accessories to keep your business pro game on point.

I hope these tips will help bring in your new year style with a bang!




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