The Big Pineapple!

Last week I headed up to the Sunshine Coast for a much needed mini holiday to clear my head and generally relax. I recently broke up with my partner of fourteen years and getting away from everything was the perfect remedy for my broken heart. I'm definitely doing okay though, the decision was mutual and a long time coming so please don't worry about me. I'm still the same old Fashion Hayley - loving life and of course fashion! Knowing I was headed up to the Sunshine Coast, the home of the iconic Big Pineapple I couldn't pass up the perfect photo op of wearing my new City Chic pineapple print 90s Girl Dress. It was released the week of my trip which I thought was rather fortuitous so I snapped it up the day before I left and happily wore it with all my matching pineapple accessories to the Big Pineapple like the silly fashion blogger that I am. If you've been thinking about buying this dress then you're in luck. As part of City Chic's Summer Wishlist promotion this dress and all other dresses have just had $40 taken off them for the next two days!!! So get in quick  and snap yourself up a bargain, you don't want to miss out!!!

I just love pineapples so this print was just made for me and was perfect for visiting the Big Pineapple. All pineapple everything I say! My earrings are even pineapples!

Yes I even own a pineapple bag. I told you I love pineapples! This dress looks so good layered with all my pineapple accessories, looking at this photo makes me so happy.

Yellow sandals to compliment the yellow of the pineapple print. You know me I love to be matchy matchy.

Do you love this dress or pineapples as much as I do? What dress will you be snapping up in the $40 off sale? Let me know in the comments below. 


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