To Market, To Market // Asha explores her local Farmers Market

 Hey Guys,

With all this beautiful spring weather, there’s no better time to head to the local farmers market and explore the fresh, local produce.

There are so many great stalls bursting with healthy produce, fresh flowers, juices, coffee and heaps of options for breakfast.

After a big workout in the morning, I couldn’t walk past the big breakfast! Bacon, eggs and vegetables. So delicious!

Brighten up your house or office with some fragrant, fresh flowers. I love having fresh flowers in my house, it just makes me happy!

Still feeling hungry after breakfast? Stop by for a smoothie. Filled with natural ingredients like spinach, banana and kale, the green nutter smoothie is a refreshing and delicious treat to sip while browsing the other stalls.

You can find organic, local fruit and veg and buy a whole week of food for half of what you’d pay at a supermarket.

Buying local produce means your food will last longer, it’s better for the environment (less distance the food needs to be transported) and you’re supporting local business.

Why not take the whole family down for a morning of entertainment and fun in the sun! Grab yourself some bargains and enjoy the fresh local produce.

See you at the markets!
Asha xx


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