Piña Colada

You could say this outfit is very tropical, just like a Piña Colada, with it's bright colours and fruity accessories, perfect for the hot weather we've been having. However I'm not purposely dressing like the pineapple cocktail, my inspiration for the outfit actually comes from a few sources the first of which is iconic Australian fashion designer Jenny Kee. As soon as I saw this dress in City Chic the print reminded me of Jenny Kee's famous opal inspired prints from the 1980's. Kee's designs have always been influenced by Australiana, one of her most famous pieces was a Koala jumper worn by the late Princess Diana. Recently Kee has been making a comeback, collaborating with Australian designers Romance Was Born and launching a new collection of scarves leading to a new generation of fans, myself included. Another inspiration for this look is the currently #trending Memphis Group Design aesthetic Another relic from the 1980's, Memphis Group Design is characterized by their use of bold colours and asymmetric shapes. Memphis design has been making a comeback recently and has directly influenced the designers of the sunglasses I'm wearing, Craig & Karl for Le Specs, and the artist who painted the wall behind me, Camille Walala, I love creating outfits with a lot of thought behind them (perhaps too much?) and getting inspiration from past and present designers and artists. My mood board for this outfit is over on Pinterest so you can get inspired too.

My crazy pink sunglasses are Craig & Karl for Le Specs. Yes, I know they're not everyone's cup of tea but personally I love their wacky shape so much and wearing them makes me so happy. The banana earrings are from Tokyo, I've been waiting all winter to finally get to wear them.

My best friend gave me the pineapple bag as a 30th birthday present this year. She knows just how much I am obsessed with pineapple's, I love this bag so much.

So tropical and fun!

These shoes were a total bargain recently, I'm so happy I found them. Opening Ceremony for Adidas flatforms down from $190 to just $20. I couldn't believe my eyes so I snapped up two pairs, this orange pair and also a pastel purple pair. 

What is inspiring you right now?


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