Nikki's Melbourne Cup 2014 Fashion Guide

Spring racing carnival is the highlight of my whole year as far as fashion is concerned - I LOVE IT!

I love matching a dress to a head piece, fascinator or hat and matching my shoes to my handbag & jewellery. Being the creative person that I am,  I usually make my own headpiece as I like to know that no one will be wearing the same outfit as me or I will alter my dress so it's that little bit different, adding my own style and flare. The year before last while I was studying at fashion school I even made my own Cup Dress. Everything from drafting the pattern, sewing the dress down to hand dying the silk - OMG it was so time consuming making it from scratch and it's so much easier and less stressful to just buy one.

I have been working at City Chic for four years now and in the weeks leading up to every Melbourne Cup hundreds of woman visit my store at Werribee, looking for the perfect dress and unsure of what they are supposed to wear on the day, especially since some races have traditional fashion guidelines to adhere to. So I decided to create a Melbourne Cup Fashion guide to help ladies find the perfect dress to suit their style.

Remember this is just a fun guide and these looks are not set in stone. You will not be banished from the grounds if you wear colour on Derby Day when it is traditionally black and white. At the end of the day you need to wear what ever you feel comfortable in and what you love and look great in.

All of the dresses below are styled from the latest City Chic collection, in store and online, who cater for us sexy and curvaceous women sized 14-22 (and up to size 24 online). Because plus size girls need to look fabulous at the races too!

The guide above is what “Society Says” you should wear to the spring race carnival, but you can be a adventurous and go against the fashion rules and break them if you like, as long as you have fun!
Don’t take the day too seriously, enjoy the sun (if we get any), hang out with your girlfriends and have a giggle, check out the hot men in suits, drink some bubbles (ladies please don’t get too drunk) and please keep your shoes on - I don’t care how much your feet hurt - unless you bought ballet flats to change into. There is nothing more trashy than seeing hundreds of woman walking to the train at the end of race day stumbling with shoes in their hand walking bare feet in a pretty dress. Wear wedges they are much more comfortable than stilettos, you won’t get bogged in the grass and they will be much kinder to your feet at the end on the day.

Remember to always be a lady: speak like a lady and act like one too.





As you can see from the dresses above, there are a variety of dresses to choose from and I didn’t even try them all on! So if you are going to the Races visit your local City Chic store and have a chat with one of our lovely girls, we are more than happy to help you find the perfect dress.

“Working at City Chic is not just a job for me its a passion.”

I love styling woman and helping them find the perfect outfit for that special occasion. It brings me so much joy to see my customers happy and knowing I helped make them feel that way is an honour and I love it.

As a plus size woman myself, currently a City Chic 14-16 previously a size 22-24, I know how hard it is at times to find the perfect outfit. I feel so blessed that a store like City Chic caters for us and that the clothes are fun, sexy and very on trend with what is in store at regular stores too.
The most important lesson with trying on dresses is that a they can look different on the hanger compared to what they look like on the body, so you really do need to try them on. So try a few on, even if you don’t think you will like them you might just be surprised! For instance I thought this peach and black lace dress was too floral and lacy for me and I was not a fan.But then I tried it on and I fell in love with it - I think it's a stunning, flattering style & cut and I am going to buy this one for the races :)

So throw on a pretty dress, stick a flower in your hair, drink some bubbles and have a fabulous Spring Racing Carnival! But most importantly have fun and enjoy yourself because life is too short.

Live with Passion, Purpose, Love & Gratitude
NikkiBlu xx

A big thank you to the girls at Equip in Werribee for letting me borrow two fascinators and a clutch for an hour while I did my photoshoot. You are awesome xx

Dresses by City Chic
Fascinators by Equip, $59.95 each
Fascinator (orange and blue) is hand made by me :) 
Clutch by Equip
Jewellery by Collette
Photographed by Gabbie, CC Werribee Manager
Modelled by Yours Truly, Nikki Galagher


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