Asha Wins WA's Strongest Woman // 2 Years Running!

Hey Guys,

I recently competed in the WA’s Strongest Man and Woman competition at the Perth Royal Show. I won the title of WA’s Strongest Woman for the second year in a row and to say that I’m excited is an understatement!! The crowd at the Royal show were amazing and we all had a great day demonstrating ridiculous feats of strength.

The first event was the super yoke where we each carried a 205kg frame on our back for 20m. I completed the course in 9.43 seconds, starting the competition with a bang.  

Next up I lifted an axle and tyres that weigh 165kg, not once, but 12 times! 

The third event was a log clean and press. I picked up the 60kg log from the ground, rolled it up my chest and then pressed it overhead.

Event four was a medley. We had to pick up 75kg farmers walk handles in each hand and run down the track for 20m, at the end drop them, pick up a 65kg sandbag and run back to the starting line. 

The iconic strongman event that most people would recognise is the atlas stones. Our final event was to pick up this massive, awkward, 85kg stone and throw it over a 1m bar as many times as possible. I got 5 reps and this was a spectacular end to the show. 

WA’s Strongest Man and Woman, Rongo Keene and Asha Tracey.

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Asha xx 


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