Sally's Spring Races Survival Guide

We all know that the races are some of the best days out all year. The sun, the champagne, the people and everyone cheering on a winner (I always put money on the jockey in pink!) Now I know most people pretend that the horses play the biggest role on the day, I am not going to do that. Let’s be honest girls, we all know the main event of any races day is the fashion.

City Chic Prom Diva Dress

Obviously the hardest part about this is finding the dress, well luckily for us CC have taken all the stress out of that by providing a range of phenomenal Spring Racing-perfect outfits – they’ve got us covered for every event, from florals at Melbourne Cup to monochromatic Derby Day, you’re sorted!

So we’ve got your outfit sorted and I’ve given you my best gambling tip, now comes the difficult part. How to maintain that classic composure and effortless style throughout a long day of champagne, heels and sinking grass… Because we have all seen those girls at the end of the day: dress tucked into their knickers, mascara smudged, hair fallen out and heels in hand stomping their way home. In my best attempt to stop any of us from being ‘that girl’ I have put together my fail-proof list of things that will ensure you will leave those races as flawlessly as you entered them.

1st Plan ahead 
This is no ordinary day so don’t start it like one, especially when it comes to your make-up. You know a million photos will be taken throughout the day and you’ll want to look your best, for me that means fake tan! I like to tan in advance to ensure even coverage and allow time for that faux layer to settle and look a little more subtle. As far as make-up goes, my new best friend is PRIMER! I cannot emphasise the importance of this magical product more – you put it on just like a moisturiser before your make-up and your make-up stays flawless ALL DAY LONG! It’s like it was made by Dumbledore himself?!

2nd Hydration 
Hydrate early and remember to keep the waters up throughout the day – this is a marathon, not a sprint girls.

3rd Supplies 
We are not foolish girls; we know things go on throughout the day that may impede upon our flawless prep work. We’re hydrated, we’ve used our primer and our make-up is glowing, and some drunken fool has spilt their champagne over the grandstand and down your face. Stop. Breath. Take yourself to the bathroom and pull that handy little make-up kit out of your clutch and reapply. I always bring with me: powder, lipstick, tissues and bronzer. But pick and choose your main make-up pieces and never leave them behind!

4th Essentials  
Speaking of that handy little kit – here’s what I put in mine: powder, bronzer, lipstick, tissues, cotton tips, Hollywood tape (for extra support throughout the day!), safety-pins (you never know when these suckers will come in handy), bobby pins (to keep your ‘do lookin’ fresh!) spare lashes (just-in-case there’s a lash-related emergency).

But most of all HAVE FUN! You’re looking damn fine so make sure you circulate and let the crowd appreciate all that effort you’ve put in. Then strut your stuff out of that place as sassily as you entered it: head held high, make-up in tact and shoes on feet! 

Sally x

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