Purple Picnic

 Hello sunshine! Where have you been? It's so good to see you again, thanks for stopping by. So good infact I decided to spend all day yesterday soaking you up in the park. Being 'Fashion Hayley' I couldn't just head to the park in any old garb, no I had to dress up in a crazy all lilac outfit that even accidentally (on purpose) matched my bicycle! Oh, and with a perfectly styled picnic in tow too! My local park was full of people enjoying the sunshine too, which was lovely. Bumped into a few friends. I do love my little Melbourne bubble ever so much. I've been waiting for a chance to use my new picnic basket I bought at a local op shop, it's the cutest picnic basket I have ever seen I think.

 I am in freaking LOVE with this whole outfit from City ChicYes to the matching prints, yes to the lilac and yes to the painterly floral design. It's probably my most favourite outfit from City Chic ever to be honest, a big departure from their usual collections which I'm very excited about. They just keep on getting more and more bold and fashion forward which I think is needed in the plus size fashion arena. I have wanted a full matching print set for a while now, so I couldn't say no to these when I saw them in store. The best part is Julia Pound the ever stylish buyer and owner of hip Melbourne boutique Dagmar Rousset complimented me on the look and couldn't get over the fact that it was by a plus size brand. I love when that happens, when plus size fashion is coveted by fashion forward straight sized people because for once they can feel our pain of not being able to fit into something awesome. And awesome this look is!

Outfit details
Floral denim pinafore dress City Chic
Floral denim jacket City Chic
Lilac jelly heels Juju Babes from ASOS
Lilac glasses Bespecd Minsk in lilac
Lipstick Limecrime D'lilac
Bangle House of Baulch
Lilac ring Ambush from a sample sale in Tokyo
Pom pom earrings Gift

 My matching lilac bicycle is from Reid Cycles.

Matching lilac accessories!

And matching lilac shoes. Spring means my jelly sandals are back in action.

Are you excited by the matching prints trend too? Are you loving lilac as match as me? Let me know in the comments below.


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