Exercise Buddy

  Hey Guys,

Spring is here and with the lovely weather outside it’s the perfect opportunity to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors! Heading out for a walk on your own can be great, but if you need a little more motivation, an exercise buddy can be a great idea.

There are so many dogs out there without a home who would love to be your devoted best friend and keep you committed to your exercise routine.

Adopting a dog has so many positives! The best part is that you’re saving a life and giving a dog the happy home it deserves. You also get to find out their personality before committing to such a large responsibility. If you have an active lifestyle and want to go for long runs every day you can choose a dog with lots of energy. If you like to cuddle on the couch and go for a short, slow walk around the block then an older, more relaxed dog could be for you.

I went to the RSPCA WA this weekend and hung out with some of the super cute dogs that are looking for a home.

Koby is a very sweet boy who is great to walk and also enjoys a cuddle. He has a calm temperament and loves doing tricks for treats. Koby enjoys swimming, the beach, long walks and playing at the park, so he would be an excellent exercise buddy.

Tara is a beautiful girl who is confident, playful and well mannered. She’s very active and loves interacting with other dogs and humans. Tara would love to go walking with you and would be great company.

Chico is a 1 year old black and white staffy cross who is always very happy and excited. He’s looking for an owner who is willing to give him lots of attention and consistent training. He will repay you with unconditional love and endless entertainment.

 If your home or lifestyle isn’t suited to adopting a dog, find yourself a human exercise buddy to help keep you motivated.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Asha xx


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