Get the Look: Lady Stark

Get The Look: Lady Stark 

I can’t get enough of City Chic’s Lady Stark look, and I’m here to help you match your makeup to the clothes.

Pink lips are an absolute must. You’ve probably got at least one pink lipstick in your collection, but if you don’t I would recommend starting with something simple like the bellabox Pout Pencil in Pinky Promise. This is so easy to apply, thanks to the wind up crayon style packaging. It has a beautiful pink tone and contains Vitamin E and Beeswax to moisturise even the driest lips. Even if you think you can’t wear pink, give it a go – you might surprise yourself!

We talk a lot about eyes, but what about your brows? A well-defined eyebrow can change your whole face shape. The trend these days is for a thicker, filled in brow. If you don’t naturally have full brows or you’ve over plucked in the past it’s actually incredibly easy to fill them in with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel.  This cult Hollywood product looks like a mascara, but don’t worry it’s just lightly tinted! You simply brush it along your brows to give them some natural colour and help fill in any gaps. If you’re after really defined eyes, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz might be for you. It has a pencil and a small brush for defined but well blended brows. Whatever your choice of tool, it’s absolutely time to start making a statement with your eyebrows.

We need a dark smokey eye to really make this look work. This means the darkest black eyeshadow you can find. Use a brush to really blend this in across your eyelid, and add a dark pencil liner to finish your look. If you want a versatile eye product, the OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencil can be used as both a liner and an eyeshadow. One of my favourite pencil liners is the Eye Of Horus Charcoal Obsidian Goddess Pencil. It’s really dark and creamy and give you the perfect evening eye.


We want to play up our cheeks with a beautiful rosy blush. Don’t be scared of blush. To apply, I smile and find the apples of my cheeks and then lightly brush it across my face with a circular movement. Remember to blend blend blend or you’ll end up with 80s stripes or little pink circles. Try the MeMeMe Blush Box for a warm and healthy glow.

We are going pink! If you’re usually a red or neutral gal, this might be a change for you. But I have a love affair with Barbie pink nails. There’s something really fun about a girly nail. Try Butter London’s Cake-Hole  for a perfect cupcake pink.

Julia x


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