B Cup Boudoir

Welcome to my boudoir. This is the scariest blog post I have ever written in my eight year blogging career. This is a blog post I never thought I would be brave enough to share but here I am sharing it with the world right now.

Why is it so scary? Well, further down the page you will see me in nothing but lingerie! Yes here I am, a fat woman, laying myself bare in my underwear for the world to see. Obviously I'm not the first fatshion blogger to be brave enough to share this much skin, I think that honour would have to go to Gabi Fresh and her fatkini and the many others who she inspired around the world to share their lumps and bumps too. But first here I am before taking my clothes off. As soon as I saw this striped top in City Chic I knew I wanted to Eddie Sedgwick it up and wear it just with some black opaque tights for a little blog photoshoot - just like in this photo of Eddie herself I added to my pinterest board. I think my new bob hairstyle works really well with 1960s mod looks.

Stripe Bardot Top $49.95 AUD
120 Denier Opaque Tights $14.95 AUD

I never thought I would be brave enough to post photos of myself in lingerie but here I am doing it. The reason I am doing it is because City Chic have finally released a B cup bra!!! I have been waiting and waiting for this moment. The smaller cups can be found in the contour bra range and start at 18B, with an 18C too. Then there is a 20B and 20C and next a 22B and 22C. Of course the larger cups are still represented but now us smaller chested girls have some pretty bras that fit too! I am over the moon with this news. I've always found it difficult to find bras that fit my tiny cup size and my size 18 band size. Impossible would be the best word to describe finding one that fit.

Smooth & Chic Control Brief in Black $49.95 AUD
Smooth & Chic Multiway Contour Bra $59.95 AUD

I love this convertible bra - make it strapless for those awkward tops that the bra strap is always visible for or wear it with the straps for everyday wear. Basically it is my dream bra!

Smooth & Chic Multiway Contour Bra $59.95 AUD

Well here I am in just City Chic's lingerie, a moment I never thought would happen. Whilst this photo doesn't really show it I think plunge style bra's look better with my smaller bust as they show more cleavage when usually I don't really have any. Thus I love how sexy this bra makes me feel. Plus I'm sure you all know how much I love a good fuchsia pink.

Emma Plunge Contour Bra $59.95 AUD
Emma Shorty $24.95 AUD

I love how elegant and stylish this set is. The pretty pastel pink floral print mixed with the contrasting soft mesh looks so beautiful together. I also love how the knickers have a mesh see through back - very very sexy! The front of the knickers also have the same contrast mesh as a bow which looks so very pretty which I love. The bra gives perfect shape and lift to my B cup chest, something which is often hard to find in a bra in my size.

Isabella Contour Bra $59.95 AUD
Isabella Shorty $24.95 AUD

Well there you have it! It wasn't so bad and scary after all, although there is always the comments - so please play nice! Are you like me, always struggling to find a plus size bra in a small cup size? Have you tried out City Chic's new B and C cup bras yet? Let me know in the comments below. 


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