Winter Motivation!

Keeping warm this winter with my cosy Zebra jumper and green tea

Hey Guys,

Winter’s coming and it can be hard to stay motivated when you feel like snuggling up in bed all day and eating heaps of warm food. I have a few tricks that will help you stay motivated and focused on your health and fitness.

Set goals
If you want to be successful you need to know what you’re working towards. Make yourself a long term goal, something that you want more than anything, and then break it down into smaller goals. For example I want to be the strongest woman in the world. That’s an extremely daunting task so by setting myself small goals along the way and achieving them, the big goal starts to become manageable. 

Review your goals

So you’ve written your goals and you’re excited about achieving them. Now we want to keep that motivation going. It’s easy to lose focus and slide back into old habits, so you want to remind yourself of your goals every time you can. Try one or all of the following: 

Desktop wallpaper

Phone screensaver

Inspiration board

Pin up your goals next to the bed and read them morning and night

Search Pinterest or Google for inspiring photos

Find a friend  
It’s much easier to get motivated if you have a friend, team member or trainer helping you to stay on track. Find yourself a person or a group of people who support you and want you to succeed. 

Reward yourself
Set a reward for achieving each of your goals. It might be a new dress, a massage or a night out at a nice restaurant. Waiting for your prizes will motivate you to complete your goals.  

While writing this article I realised it’s exactly what I needed to hear right now. With a back injury keeping me from training properly, I started to feel sorry for myself and lost sight of my ultimate goal. Well…not anymore! Time to focus and get back on track.

Everybody has set backs and it’s how you recover from them that matters. Stay motivated and focus on your goals!

Asha xx


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