Sports Luxe Harajuku Style

My personal style is very much influenced by the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo, always has been and always will be. Having lived there and gotten to know and become friends with the designers and creators who make Harajuku what it is it's hard not to get inspired by it all.

There is a unique fashion culture of dressing with no fear that just resonates heavily with me. I love how they embrace new things and use fashion as form of creative expression which is how I like to dress. I like to take a trend and make it my own, put my own spin on things.

Outfit details
Pink dress City Chic Pink Lady Swing Dress $99.95 AUD
Mesh jumper City Chic Sports Star Top $69.95 AUD
Black tights City Chic 120 Denier Opaque Tights $14.95 AUD
Pink faux fur backpack Bubbles Harajuku
Flatforms Jeffrey Campbell
Unicorn necklace Mademoiselle Yulia's brand Giza
Rings Assorted from Harajuku
Pom pom earrings Etsy

So that's what I have done with City Chic's latest Sports Luxe collection - I've made the look my own. The Sports Luxe look has been on the runway and on fashion blogs but like most trends it started out on the streets, especially those around Harajuku. I'm now contributing to City Chic's pinterest account with my own board for all my inspiration and I've been pinning my fave #sportsluxe pics all week. This outfit is inspired by this pins, especially those of Japanese model Kiko in her kawaii bubblegum pink look, Jpop singer (and my friend) Mademoiselle Yulia in a promo image from her amazing music video for Harajuku Wander looking sporty in pink and my personal style icon Susie Bubble from the blog Style Bubble rocking her all pink #sportsluxe look. You may have noticed a trend, yes I am obsessed with pink so as soon as I saw City Chic's Pink Lady Swing Dress I knew I just had to have it. By layering the City Chic Sports Star Top over the dress I had an instant #sportsluxe look. The Sports Luxe trend has a 90s hip hop vibe to it so I tied my top in a knot at my waist which is oh so music video in the 90s don't you think? Plus it helps to define and highlight my waist.

A BIG part of the #sportsluxe trend is cuffed elastic hems. Lot's of designers have used this statement making design element in recent collections from  local designers POC and Verner to international brands like Nasir Mazhar and Moschino. So I am in LOVE with the City Chic Sports Star Top's elastic cuffs! P.S. My unicorn gold chain necklace is actually by my friend Mademoiselle Yulia's brand Giza, I thought it was very fitting for this outfit seeing as she was the inspiration for it.

My backpack even has the elastic style going on, branded with the tagline of the store I bought it from in Harajuku - 'Bubbles saw the city'.

A Harajuku inspired #sportsluxe outfit wouldn't be complete without some flatfrom shoes. So Spice Girls in the 90s they really suit the 90s music video vibe mixed with Harajuku style I have going on in this look

Are you loving Sport Luxe as much as me? What influences your style? Don't be afraid to make a look your own!!! Oh and don't forget to follow my Pinterest board for City Chic to see where my inspirations take me next.


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