Scandinavian Chic

Well City Chic’ers I have officially sailed the sevens seas in search of the most fabulous street styles for our upcoming Winter… well I took a 20hour plan ride but it went over lots of seas. And the point of the story is that I have done some serious research to ensure that our Chic styles are holding up against the most fabulous places in the world. I return with good news!

Not only are our Chic styles fabulous to the eye; they are also suitable for the climates we’re about to experience. I rocked TDF Jeans in Stockholm; geometric harem pants in Copenhagen and my favourite black CC peplum every chance I got! Scandinavia is known for having some pretty fabulous street style so I was extremely happy I was able to hold my own against these Nordic babes.

But the number one thing I realised after returning and feverishly scanning all my holiday snaps, is that the greatest item you can invest in this Winter is a phenomenal coat. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve worn a pair of jeans or harem pants or a staple peplum top, if you throw an insanely gorgeous coat over the top it’ll feel like a new outfit every time! And you’ll feel like a million bucks, which is always a good thing!

So upon my return to our fabulous land down under I ran straight to my nearest CC Store to try on all their new coats and stock up for Winter. Obviously, you only really NEED one awesome coat to get you through the season but I have never let NEED beat WANT before when it comes to my wardrobe so I went with a selection to ensure my street style would kick Scandinavian butt by the end of the season!

Enjoy lovelies xx


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