How to Layer Like a Pro

Here it comes ladies, can you feel it? Glorious winter is coming our way! (Cue “Winter is Coming” Game of Thrones themed montage in my head…)

I’m aware that isn’t the usual statement when it comes to the drearier season but I for one freaking LOVE winter. I see it this way – in summer it’s so hot you only get to wear a flowy dress OR a cute top and pants OR maybe a maxi skirt if you’re lucky and unlikely to sweat all day… But in winter, oh winter, here comes the opportunity to wear so many fabulous pieces ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Huzzah!

The only problem that arises from this situation is The Frump. The dreaded Frump is a situation many of us glorious gals find ourselves in but I promise it is avoidable – here’s how!

When it comes to layering you need to think about the silhouette. If you’re wearing loose, lovely harem pants and you know your legs are lost in metres of magnificent fabric, then don’t go for an oversized or puffy top. If you do your silhouette will end up resembling something along the lines of big foot or the hulk. Instead, opt for a fitted top with an undone jacket over-the-top. This keeps you warm but hints ever so tastefully at the spectacular bod you’ve got hidden underneath.

However, if your pins are your favourite body part & you’re in the mood to show them off, then go either bare (perhaps a hint of faux tan, just to keep away the pale winter blues) or in a nice slim pair of tights and you are free to go crazy up top. A nice comfy sweater, an oversized cardigan, a fluffy new jumper, the possibilities are almost endless. What I like to do when I have the legs on display though, is incorporate a belt into the ensemble, just to remind the world that under those many, many layers of delightful fabric is a waist

At the end of the day the opportunity to layer all my favourite pieces together is just too exciting not to encourage! So please have a go, and if you’re ever in doubt just remember the silhouette!

Happy layering lovelies x


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