Arnold Sports Festival


Hey Guys,

Last month I flew to Ohio, USA to compete in the Arnold Sports Festival Strongwoman World Championships. It’s the second biggest multi-sport event in the world, after the Olympics, with 18,000 people competing over 45 sports. At the event there’s also an EXPO with 800 stalls, attracting 175,000 people each year.

I was feeling extremely intimidated after walking into the massive hall and seeing the strongwoman equipment lined up and ready to go. I’d never seen anything quite like it, but after meeting the other competitors I realised it was just like every competition I’d done before and I needed to focus and bring it! There were 5 events, some of which I loved and performed well, and others that were extremely challenging. I finished 8th overall and had an amazing time competing against the strongest women in the world.

4th place in the farmers walk, 90kg in each hand for 23m in 11.61 seconds. There was only 2 seconds dividing the top 4!

3rd place in the super yoke, 250kg for 23m in 13.61 seconds. This is my best event and I placed well so I was really happy. 

For the deadlift medley I had to pick up a sandbag and giant dumbbell, run them down to the bucket, load them in and then lift it as many times as possible in 75 seconds. I did 10 reps and came 9th in this event.

Once the competition finished I was free to walk around the EXPO and check out the free samples and demonstrations. At the Con-cret stand I did a grip strength challenge and set the record for the most reps completed by a woman!

At the Oh Yeah stand I was challenged to bend a frying pan with my bare hands and I did it!! I was the only person at the whole EXPO able to do it - that’s including the men :P

At the Animal Cage I met up with Sam Byrd who got me a VIP pass to go inside and meet the team. The public aren’t allowed into the Cage, so that was a huge deal! I even got a big group photo with the boys.

I met famous body builders and powerlifters Phil Heath, Andrey Malanichev, Sam Byrd and Mark Bell.

Then the coolest part…I got to see Arnold Schwarzenegger! While walking around we were asked to clear a path in the crowd and Arnold walked through with his entourage of security guards. He was about 1 metre away and I got heaps of photos.

It was the most amazing weekend and I can’t wait to go back again.

Asha xx


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