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My former foe: The Jean

I lived 23 years without ever owning a pair of jeans. And I’m not doing that thing where we lie about how many clothes we have, or I had jeans in the back of the cupboard but didn’t wear them, I honestly didn’t BUY a single pair of jeans for 23 years (I didn’t steal any either, just for the record…)

However, in the last two years I have somehow managed to acquire 6 pairs. Seems like someone is making up for lost time, huh? HELL YES! I can’t believe I SURVIVED 23 years without the perfect pair of jeans, but that’s just it – in 23 years I never once found a pair of jeans that made me look any good. They were either too lose in the leg, sagged at the butt, had elastic at the waist (ew) or looked like I had stolen them – from my mother!

Enter TDF Jeans: my own personal denim-flavoured angel from heaven. This beauty literally changed my world, and negatively affected my bank balance with my new addiction but it is totally worth it! I went from a denim-free existence to a world of possibilities. I have the Boyfriend XOXO jean for casual weekend hangs, the tight and sexy hourglass TDF babies for the nights I want to show off the booty and the black bootleg TDF’s to pair with a peplum for work days. Plus many, many more options, but rather than going through my wardrobe item by item, how about some pointers on how to wear your new TDF jeans, eh?

Loose jeans send a more casual vibe and I think the lighter colour sets a softer mood. Pair them with anything comfortable: comfy sweaters, loose t-shirts, whatever you’re in the mood for, it all looks fabulously casual!

The darker the colour the more serious the vibe, perfect for a more serious occasion. I try to steer clear of anything TOO tight for these events, when you have business to attend to you don’t need to be adjusting outfits, so a clean straight-cut or bootleg is perfect. Paired with a similarly dark-coloured peplum or button-up blouse and you’re set!

This is where the TDF babies truly shine! As I previously said, when I am in the party mood it’s nice to wear something a little tighter to show off that booty so I go for a skinny TDF in an hourglass cut because it equally looks and FEELS sexy, exactly what you want! I like to pair it with something that is also a little tighter, maybe a peplum with cut-outs or an off-the shoulder number, just to keep that sexy vibe working all over…

But however you decide to wear yours I can guarantee they will be the best jeans you’ve ever wrapped around your little legs. Trust me, it took me 23 years to find them!


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