Which GIRLS characters style are you?

Now in it's third season HBO's Girls has been one of the most talked about and controversial shows on our screens in recent years. Why? For the simple fact that it dares to show creator and lead actress Lena Dunham's naked body, which just so happens to be a body deemed by Hollywood standards to be fat. Lena Dunham is pushing the boundaries of Hollywood's skinny beauty myth and helping to show that you can be beautiful and attractive at any size or shape. Last season a lot of comment was made about how unrealistic her character Hannah's love life was with her abilities to attract and sleep with well known attractive men. Which just goes to show just how important this show is in terms of busting the beauty myth that Hollywood perpetuates.

 Girls is so much more than that though, it is a show that explores the daily lives of four twenty-somethings who are coming into themselves, learning how to navigate all that life throws at them in their early twenties. The story lines may not always be relateable but the style on Girls definitely is. A more toned down version of Sex and the City (which was also a HBO production), less aspirational and much, much, much more affordable! The charcaters Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna all have a very distinct style, so which Girls characters style are you???

Hannah - the Brooklyn Hipster
Hannah has the Brooklyn hipster look down to a tee. An aspiring writer and self proclaimed 'voice of her generation' Hannah's look is a mixture of vintage pieces and chain store buys. Hannah does have a love for taking risks with her fashion from jumpsuits to short shorts Hannah is willing to try anything and won't let her curves get in the way and stop her. Not terribly fond of a bra and a fan of mixing prints Hannah's style isn't for the faint hearted.

Jessa - the Bohemian Babe
Jessa is the free spirit of group and that is reflected in her very bohemian style. Always looking immaculate, even whilst in rehab Jessa loves to dress up for every occasion. Floral prints, loose fitting kimono jackets and flowing maxi dresses are the staples in her wardrobe. Layering her look with as many accessories as possible. Jessa looks like the life of the party because she is the life of the party.

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Marnie - the Office Lady (at all times)
Marnie is an inner city professional, or at least she was until she lost her dream job as a gallery assistant. But even as her life unravelled in front of her Marnie still dressed to impress. A fan of classic timeless pieces such as pencil skirts and trench coats Marnie looks every bit the chic and successful businesswoman she dreams of becoming.

Corset Back Trench Coat $179.95 AUD | Peekaboo Doll Dress $99.95 AUD | Necklace Dancer Dress $129.95 AUDQuilted Pencil Skirt $89.95 AUDLace Insert Puff Sleeve Top $39.95 AUD | Zip Trim Peplum Jacket $149.95 AUD

Shoshanna - the OMG Sweet & Girly Girl
Shoshanna is still a college student so her look is very young and playful. A huge fan of Sex and the City Shoshanna wants her life to be like Carrie Bradshaw's. Her style is cute and romantic, lots of pinks, purples and lace. Shoshanna's signature is her amazing hairstyles which feature giant bows, buns or hair clips (or all three). Shosh is big fan of the waist belt as it helps to define her shape and make her look more feminine. Always wearing matching lingerie - just in case.

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Let me know in the comments bellow which Girls characters style are you most like???


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