Happy V Day Lovelies!

Here it comes – the most equally loved and hated day in the entire year is upon us, cue gasps, panic, tears, giggles, butterflies, laughter and misery – phew!

This year I think it’s time we have a little Valentine’s Day celebration all our own! Instead of spending vast amounts of money on overpriced flowers or tacky toys, let’s spend this Valentine’s Day buying the greatest person in your life a little lovely – you! That’s right, I’m calling for a selfish V Day – go out and buy that fabulous gal something that will make her smile! 

On my personal wishlist of gifts from me to me include anything from the new CC collection of lingerie – think about it, there is nothing sexier than the knowledge that you are sporting the sexiest matching lingerie set in the store. It’s not even about having someone else see them (though that is always nice!) it’s all about knowing that today you are worth a fabulous, fresh set of matching lingerie. Slip yours on and I guarantee you will be strutting down the town like you own the damn thing!

After all, you can’t really love someone until you love yourself – so go and treat yourself to something extra nice, you deserve it babe! 



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