Sally is Breaking The Rules & Getting Politely Punk in 2014

Hello lovely CCers and Happy 2014!

I for one am welcoming a fresh new year full of fresh new fashion and possibilities. In fact, I am positively ecstatic about the brand new range of Politely Punk pretties now available in store because they are a phenomenal way to bring in 2014.

You see, I have always been the ultimate ‘good girl’. In school, at home, at work – I am always well behaved. I love having fun and a little good-humoured mischief is great but I know exactly where the rules sit and I know just how to toe that line. Even when it comes to my wardrobe I have always played by ‘The Rules”. Don’t mix patterns, ‘blue and green should not be seen without a colour in-between’, and wear all basics and one statement piece. 

Until now, I have been OK with all of that, “The Rules” and I got along just fine and we’ve never had any major disagreements. But the new style at CC has opened my eyes to the possibilities…

Clashing prints!
Bright colours paired with brighter colours!
All out punk!
Floral and leather!

There are just so many styles I didn’t dare to wear before but I am beginning 2014 by saying 
Screw you rules! This year, Sally is just a little bit, a teensy bit, Politely Punk!



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