Punky Brewster

When I got the preview images for City Chic's new 'Politely Punk' collection I squealed with delight. You see, I've wanted a tartan pencil skirt FOR LIKE EVER!!! To say I was excited about this skirt is an understatement. So happy to finally have a punk red tartan skirt in my wardrobe for all the styling opportunities it presents. This look is my glam 90s grunge look, a little bit Spice Girls with the white platform shoes, Clueless with the prim and properness of it all and Reality Bites with the grungey tartan and Kurt Cobain-esque sunglasses - all in one. I love a good peplum on me, I find the style really highlights my shape and is flattering on my figure, and yes I too hate the word flattering but for me when I feel and look confident - that's flattering, and a peplum gives me that confidence. This spot mesh peplum clashes perfectly with the tartan, I love a good pattern clash!

Earrings Fluffy white pom pom earrings from Tokyo
Cuff Fluffy white cuff from Tokyo
Sunglasses Nasty Gal
Flatforms Jeffrey Campbell

The other pom pom earring was blowing around in the wind which kinda hurt actually. I love the mix of small and large polkadots on this top.

Pattern Clash!

The Spice Girls called and want their shoes back!

Are you a punk at heart? Are you loving the new collection sick like I am? Let me know in the comments bellow. 


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