Asha presents Strongwoman: the Sport that Changed her Life

 Hey Guys,

For my first post about health and fitness I thought I’d introduce you to my favourite thing in the whole world, Strongwoman! It’s a sport where we lift extremely heavy and awkward items for entertainment; like pulling trucks, throwing fridges and lifting atlas stones. 

My coach, Daniel Macri, pulling a 20 tonne truck to win WA’s Strongest Man

Just over a year ago I decided to do a fitness class at the Muscle Pit and that’s when my life completely changed! I’ve always been overweight and started exercising to try and get skinny but what I found was so much better than skinny could ever be. I’ve found a sport where I don’t need to change who I am to be appreciated. I can stay the size that I am and be proud of my body while feeling healthy and happy. 

Training for the farmers walk with up to 100kg in each hand

In that class I realised how fun the strongman events were and ended up training 5 days a week in the gym, lifting some very heavy weights. In July my friends convinced me to compete in a strongman competition and I won. I went on to win WA’s Strongest Woman and Elite Performance Strongman Nationals, which earned me an invitation to represent Australia in the pinnacle of strength sports; the Arnold Sports Festival

Deadlifting 175kg at Strongman Nationals

In February I’ll be heading to Columbus, Ohio to compete against some of the strongest women in the world!! This is the scariest and most exciting thing I’ve ever done and I’m so grateful to have this opportunity. So the next 5 weeks will be filled with hard training, lots of food and lots of rest.

 Winning WA’s Strongest Woman

To perform at top level it requires a lot of determination and commitment but it’s a great sport for people of all genders, ages and fitness levels. It is incredibly empowering, and I urge everyone, particularly women, to get involved. It may just change your life like it changed mine. 

300kg yoke walk for 15 metres
If you’re interested in giving it a go send me a message through and I’ll hook you up with the best trainers and facilities. Beginners shouldn’t be scared! There are heaps of options and you can start light and work your way up to the heavy stuff.

Have a great weekend!

Asha xx


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