Survive the Night - Sally's New Year's Eve 101

We’re almost there ladies – the end of another year *cue comments along the lines of “I can’t believe it’s almost NEW YEARS”, “Where did the year go?!” and “It feels like we just HAD New Year’s”, etc.*

Which means New Year’s Eve is fast approaching! I find that people fall on either side of the whole NYE hoopla – you either LOVE it or HATE it – usually depending on the evening you have pre-planned/the amount of pressure you put yourself under to have ‘THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!!’ I used to fall on the “I HATE NYE” side of the fence but have recently converted to loving the whole damn thing! I never thought I’d say this but if you do NYE right it really can be a great night for everyone – now I already covered off how to LOOK fabulous in my last post but here is a person-specific guide for all the different ladies out there who need to survive until at least January 1st 2014!

The Stress-Heads

Stop stressing! NYE doesn’t HAVE to be the GREATEST NIGHT EVER! When you build it all up you put too much pressure on the evening to deliver the goods and you end up disappointed. Try to be a bit realistic about the whole thing – it’s one night of the year, it’s usually pretty big because people get the next day off work and there might be a few shiny explosions in the sky. Once you’ve brought it back down to reality you can actually go out and enjoy the insanity of the night on your own terms!

The Planners
If you are one of those insane beings who like to ‘plan ahead’ and ‘be organised’ (I will never be one of those people, no matter how hard I try I will always have some item of clothing discarded on my bedroom floor and I will never be able to be the girl who wears a matching pair of socks but I am ok with that!) then the best way for you to enjoy your evening is by booking in somewhere where all the planning has been done for you! Think: you and a group of friends at a nice restaurant with a set menu for the night or buy a ticket to your local venue – they usually have a band booked in and a few bonus attractions for the night. Once you’ve made your plan stick to it and embrace the night ahead!

The Couples
NYE can prove some challenges as you and your significant other try to coordinate friendship groups and venues and schedules, before you know it you feel like you’re trying to plan some insane covert operation to break into a bank not enjoy a night out with your love! Best way to overcome this is compromise – either go year by year (you decide one year, they decide the next) or day by night (you decide what happens in the day and they decide the night). Believe me, it will save you the headache – which is good because that headache isn’t supposed to appear until New Year’s Day!

The Singletons
“Who am I going to KISS at midnight? I don’t want to end up surrounded by couples!” Bit stereotypical but deep down inside every single person this is their biggest fear about the whole damn night. I say – bugger the midnight kiss! It is literally 10 seconds of your year, don’t let it ruin what was and for the love of all things shiny don’t let the panic turn you into THAT girl running around at 11.55pm trying to find a random guy to pash! Make a pact with a buddy to do a midnight hug or high five or chicken dance – whatever it is that means you aren’t standing there alone and then get on with your evening!

Whatever you end up doing make sure you take the time to enjoy your night! There really aren’t that many opportunities throughout the busy working year to get together, so think of it that way and take a moment to be happy!

And last but not least I want to wish all you gorgeous babes a fabulous New Year 
- I can't wait to see you in 2014!



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