Sally's Seven Steps to a Sizzling Summer Soul

Hello lovely CCers! 

I have put together a mini-list of things that I have been ticking off on my road to getting summer-fabulous and I thought it was only polite to share it with all of you babes out there!


1. New playlist You’ve heard it before but putting together a fun new playlist of upbeat, sing-out-loud songs is an immediate mood enhancer. Even if you only listen to it when you’re in the car or in the shower I am willing to personally guarantee it will improve even the crappiest of days. I always like to throw in a golden oldie as well; you know the type of song that makes you want to dance around your lounge room in your undies (bonus points if you actually do this!)

 2. Set yourself a challenge
This one is really up to you – it can be doing something that scares you like bungy jumping, it could be enrolling in a new class like cooking or another language, or it could be something simpler like my own personal goal of trying to put together a flat pack I bought a few weeks ago all on my own (I’m down 2 bottles of wine and 3 broken nails and still no table but I WILL get there!)


3. Me-day
Organise a little day all to yourself. Then use it however YOU want to! Sleep in. Do some retail therapy. Get a wax or a tan or facial. Climb a mountain. Whatever makes you happy, between now and December 1st give yourself a day to do it!

4. Summer-splurge This one is a must (I say this for two reasons, first of all I know that it works and secondly I had a major splurge on the weekend and am feeling slightly guilty so knowing you guys are all doing it too will really help ease some of that haha!) Go out and buy something. It could be that couch you’ve been drooling over for months. That fabulous new City Chic Seaside Dress you just noticed online and can no longer imagine living without. BUY IT! You deserve it!

5. Do something for someone else as often as you can.
Donate blood, help someone with groceries, hold the lift for a neighbour even though you need to pee really bad and you just want to hurry inside! One day you will be that person that needs a little help and karma is strong. Give as good as you want to get.

6. Counting down…
Pick a day, it can be Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, December 4th (just because..) and get excited about it! Count down to it like when you were a little kid and 25 days felt like 25 years!

7. Spend more time doing and less time planning.
Lists are for suckers (the obvious irony in this has been noted - shut up). Stop talking about it and just go and do it already!

There it is ladies, I hope some of it was useful & I hope we all have a phenomenal summer coming our way! 



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