Sally's Festive Fashion Fix : What to Wear & When to Wear it

As the holiday season fast approaches we are once again presented with a new challenge. This onslaught of festivities means we are inundated with invitations to an array of delightful parties but with that comes a certain level of responsibility. I always think of the holiday season as a sort of end-of-year pop-quiz of what we have learnt about fashion throughout the last 12 months. Think about it, with each new invitation we have to decipher the dress code, then plan an outfit, then include a back-up for bad weather, then come the shoes, accessories, hair, make-up… And this can happen again and again and again.

Luckily for us those babes down at CC have seen it all! They have dressed more fabulous dames for more fabulous parties then I can count and they have been kind enough to pass on their own wisdom in deciphering the appropriate outfit for the appropriate party.

As a favour to you all I have compiled these wise words into a simple guide so that all you need to do is find the right party in the following list and read-on to discover your ultimate outfit. Enjoy!


The Work Christmas Party
Problem: this can be a tricky outfit to manoeuvre, you want to get dressed up nicely and get out of those daggy work duds BUT you still need to look appropriate if not still slightly professional.

Problem Solved: the easiest way to fix this is with a fun, yet suitable party dress. Think the new Beaded Jennifer Dress – it’s colourful and flattering, has a beautiful detailed neckline, sits gloriously on that fabulous bod but doesn’t show too much skin. Appropriate without looking frumpy, hurrah!


Party at the In-Laws
Problem: again you don’t want to run off showing too much skin but you don’t want to feel like you’re necessarily wearing your prim and proper ‘Sunday best’.

Problem Solved: For this I think some nice fitted pants, a bold top and maybe an understated jacket can’t go wrong. I am loving the Contrast Peekaboo Top over some nice black or wet-look jeans with the Beaded Collar Jacket. Again it’s all fitted so you’ll be feeling phenomenal but you won’t be worried about trying to cover up your cleavage or pull down your hemline all night!

The Neighbourhood Get-Together
Problem: typically this is quite a casual opportunity to catch-up with those living close by but the problem with that is that these are the people who have seen you making a dash to the mailbox in your pj’s on several occasions and it would feel great to have them see what you look like all dolled up!

Problem solved: you could go with a party dress for this one but you don’t want to look like you tried too hard so I think your safest bet is again with a lovely fitted Skinny Jean and something as simple as a Basic Cut Out Top. I know it sounds understated but those tops are the most flattering, curve-loving thing I’ve ever had wrapped around my body and I love them. If you do want a little more though, the Rose Kimono Jacket is the perfect way to dress it up, especially for a night time get together.


Christmas Day
Problem: usually a family get-together, you want to look nice but you don’t want to be adjusting your outfit all day.

Problem Solved: I think a classic black jumpsuit is a safe bet to look great in all the pictures but have a carefree day!

New Year’s Eve
Problem: biggest night of the year = pressure!

Problem solved: go with bling, sparkles, anything that shines and you’ll be fine. My top picks for this NYE are the Gold Sequin Sister Dress, the Sequin Art Deco Dress, the One Shoulder Sequin or the beautiful Sequin Peplum Maxi! I promise you will be sparkling your way into the New Year! 



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